Veg. Starter

  • Vegetable Samosa$0.99
    Homemade Triangles of Light, Crisp, Fill Pastry Stuffed with Fresh Vegetables
  • Samosa Chaat $5.99
    Triangle pastry stuffed with fresh vegetable with chickpea topped with tamarind, mint sauce and chopped onions
  • Aloo Tikki Chaat $5.99 
    Potatoes patties with chickpeas topped with tamarind, mint sauce and chopped onions
  • Chaat Papri $5.99 
    Crunchy shells mix with potato, chickpeas, yogurt and tamarind sauce
  • Dahi Bhalla $5.99 
    Deep-fried lentil rounds served in a savory yogurt, topped with tamarind sauce & spices
  • Pani Puri $5.99
    Chick peas & potatoes served in semolina hollow shell & savory water
  • Dahi Sev Puri $5.99
    Semolina shells filled with mashed potatoes,chickpeas,onion, sauces and yogurt
  • Bhel Puri $5.99 
    Combustion of fluffed rice,onion,peanuts in a tamarind sauce
  • Channa Bhatura $6.99 
    Chick peas with fried bread and pickled carrot
  • Channa Poori Halwa $6.99 
    Fried bread with semolina dessert garnished with nuts
  • Bhalla Papri Chat $7.50 
    Deep fried lentil rounds served with crunchy shells , mix of potatoes, Chick peas, yogurt and tamarina sauce


  • Vegetable Pakora $5.99 LB
    Mixed vegetables coated with gram flour, fried to crisp
  • Paneer Pakora $8.99 LB
    Cottage cheese stuffed with fresh mint and coriander sauce, fried to crisp
  • Bread Pakora $3.99 Each
    Bread stuffed with potatoes, fried to crisp
  • Gobhi Pakora $6.99 LB
    Cauliflower coated with gram flour and spices, fried to crisp
  • Aloo Tikki $1 Each
    Potatoes patties

Chinese Corner

  • Indian Hakka Noodles$9.99 
    Noodles with Indian spices and Chinese twists
  • Veg Manchurian$9.99 M  $12.99 L
    Fried veges balls tossed in host & sour gravy
  • Spring Roll3 for $1.50
    Spring coated stuffed with noodles & veges.
  • Chilli Paneer$9.99 M  $11.99 L
    Cottage paneer in Indo-Chinese way
  • Chilli Chicken $10.99 M   $14.99 L
    Chicken served with Chinese twist
  • Chilli Fish
    Chilli Fish $10.99 M   $14.99 L
    Cottage fish in Indo-Chinese gravy


  • Paneer Tikka $11.99
    Culbes of cottage cheese coated in yogurt based spicy marination, cooked in clay oven
  • Lahori Tikka $12.50
    Mint marinated cottage cheese cooked to perfection
  • Fish pakora $9.99 LB
    Indian battered fish fritters
  • Tandoori Fish $12.99 LB
    Flavoured fish coated in indian spices, cooked to perfection
  • Chicken Pakora$9.99 LB
    Spicy battered chicken deep fried to perfection
  • Chicken Tikka$13.99
    Boneless chunks of chicken of coated in Indian spices, cooked to perfection
  • Tandoori Chicken Leg
    Chicken cooked with spices and served with onions
  • 2PC Seekh Kabab With Naan$14.99
    Minced chicken cooked on skewers in tandoor
  • Malai Tikka
    Malai Tikka$15.99
    Tender pieces of boneless chicken are marinated in unique blend of yogurt, cream, cheese, papaya, and spices

Italian (Coming Soon…)

  • Margherita$13.00
    Fior di latte, basil
  • Napoletana $14.00
    Black olives, cherry tomatoes, anchovies, capers, oregano
  • Funghi$16.00
    Fior di latte, sliced mushrooms
  • Capricciosa$18.00
    Fior di latte, prosciutto cotto, mushrooms, black olives
  • Quattro Stagioni$18.00
    Fior di latte, artichokes, black olives, mushrooms, prosciutto cotto
  • Vegetariana$18.00
    Fior di latte, oregano, roasted red peppers, zucchini, eggplants, mixed mushrooms
  • Quattro Formaggi $19.00
    Fior di latte, ricotta, Granas Padano, gorgonzola
  • Margheritona $19.00
    Boneless chicken pieces cooked with onion,tomato and Indian spices
  • Crudo e Rucola$20.00
    Fior di latte, potatoes, Italian cured bacon, black pepper
  • Marinara $10.00
    Oregano, garlic

VEG. Dishes

  • Dal Makhni8.99$ M  $11.99 L
    Black urad, cooked in tomato, creamy sauce and flavor with fenugreek & spices
  • Dal Tadka $8.99 M   $11.99 L
    Combination of yellow dal cooked with onion, tomato and spices
  • Mix Veg $8.99 M  $11.99 L
    Mix of vegetables cooked in onion and tomato based gravy with Indian spices
  • Kadi pakora$8.99 M   $11.99 L 
    Vegetable pakora in a yogurt and chickpea sauce
  • Amritsari Channa $8.99 M   $11.99 L 
    Chickpeas cooked with authentic Indian spices & herbs
  • Malai kofta $9.99 M   $12.99 L 
    Cottage cheese balls simmered in tomato gravy
  • Karele Cut $9.99 M   $12.99 L
    Bitter gourd cooked with onions
  • Saag $9.99 M   $12.99 L
    Rapini,spinach and broccoli boiled and cooked with onions, ginger and garlic
  • Kadahi Mushroom $9.99 M   $13.99 L
    Mushroom cooked in special gravy of bell pepper, tomato and onion with Indian spices
  • Navratan Korma $9.99 M   $13.99 L
    Mix vegetables cooked in creamy sauce
  • Shahi Paneer$10.99 M    $13.99 L
    Cottage cheese chunks dunked in creamy tomato based sauce
  • Palak Paneer $10.99 M    $13.99 L
    Cottage paneer cooked in curried spinach
  • Paneer Tikka Masala$10.99 M    $13.99 L
    Tandoor (clay oven) cooked cottage cheese tossed on gravy with onion & bell pepper
  • Kadahi Paneer$10.99 M    $13.99 L
    Cottage cheese in gravy with secret kadahi spices
  • Paneer Lababdar$10.99 M    $13.99 L
    Cottage cheese in gravy with a touch of cashew & Julian bell pepper & ginger
  • panner Achari
    Paneer Achrai$10.99 M    $13.99 L
  • paneer vindaloo
    Paneer Vindaloo$10.99 M    $13.99 L
  • Mattar panner
    Mattar Paneer$10.99 M    $13.99 L
  • Methi Paneer$10.99 M    $13.99 L
  • paneer bhurgi
    Paneer Bhurgi$10.99 M    $13.99 L

NON VEG. Dishes

  • Chicken Kadhai $10.99 M   $14.99 L
    Chicken pieces cooked with pepper, tomato, onion and authentic kadhai sauce
  • Butter Chicken $10.99 M   $14.99 L
    Chicken marinated with yogurt and spices served in rich tomato cream sauce
  • Chicken Curry $10.99 M  $14.99 L
    Boneless chicken pieces cooked with onion,tomato and Indian spices
  • Chicken Tikka Masala$10.99 M   $14.99 L 
    Tandoori chicken tossed in gravy with diced onion and bell pepper
  • Chicken Vindaloo $10.99 M   $14.99 L 
    Hot & tangy chicken curry with a touch of vinegar
  • Madras Chicken Curry $10.99 M   $14.99 L 
    South Indian style chicken curry with curry leave & coconut
  • Chicken Korma $10.99 M   $14.99 L
    Chicken chunks in cashew based gravy
  • Chicken Achari $10.99 M   $14.99 L
  • Methi Chicken $10.99 M   $14.99 L
    Chicken curry flavored with dried fenugreek leaves
  • Chicken Lababdar $10.99 M   $14.99 L
    Chicken chunks in cashew touch gravy with Julian bell pepper & ginger
  • Masala Murgh $10.99 M   $14.99 L
    Bone-in chicken cooked in traditional Punjabi way
  • Goat/Lamb Curry$10.99 M    $14.99 L
    Tender pieces of mutton cooked in onion and ginger in aromatic sauce
  • Goat/Lamb Vindaloo $10.99 M    $14.99 L
    Hot and tasty goat/lamb with the touch of vinegar
  • Kadahi Lamb/Goat $10.99 M    $14.99 L
    Lamb/Goat cooked in gravy with touch of vinegar
  • Fish Curry $11.99 M    $15.99 L
    Fish cooked on slow heat with mustard and Indian spices
  • Goat/Lamb Achari $10.99 M    $14.99 L

Combo Specials

  • Veg. Thali$10.99
    3 Veg. curries, Naan, Rice, Raita, and Dessert
  • Non Veg. Thali$12.99
    2 Non Veg curries, 1 Veg curry, Naan, Rice, Salad, and Dessert
  • Aloo Kulcha$8.00
    White flour bread stuffed with shredded potatoes and spices, served with yogurt, pickles, and Chickpeas
  • Amritsari Kulcha$8.00
    White flour bread stuffed with shredded onions, cauliflower, spices, served with yogurt, pickles, and Chickpeas
  • Onion Kulcha$8.00
    White flour stuffed with onions, spices, served with yogurt, pickles, and Chickpeas
  • Paneer Kulcha$8.00
    White flour stuffed with fresh cottage cheese, spices, served with yogurt, pickles, and Chickpeas


  • Plain Rice $3.99 
    Long grain basmati rice subtly aromated with whole spices
  • Jeera Rice $3.99 
    Plain rice cooked with cumin seeds
  • Veg Biryani $8.99 M   $10.99 L
    Rice cooked with fresh vegetable & flavored with spices
  • Chicken/Goat Biryani $11.99 M   $13.99 L
    Chicken/Goat cooked in rice with spices

Wrap and Sandwich

  • Chicken wrap $8.99
    Minced of chicken mix with spices cooked in clay oven and then wrap in wheat wrap with cucumber,onion,tomato & sauce
  • Paneer wrap$8.99
    Cottage cheese with spices cooked in clay oven and then wrap in bread with cucumber,onion,tomato & sauce
  • Seekh Kebab Wrap $9.99
    Minced chicken with spices roasted on skewer cooked in clay oven and then wrap in bread with cucumber,onion,tomato & sauce
  • Allo Tikki Burger$6.99
    Homemade Potato patty with lettuce, tomato, and onion on a fresh bun
  • Veg. Noodle Burger$7.99
    Homemade Potato patty with veg noodle, lettuce, tomato, and onion on a fresh bun


  • Makki Roti 2 for $4.50
  • Tandoori Roti$1.99
  • Paratha
    Aaloo / Mulli / Lacha – ($3.50), Gobhi / Panner- ($4.00), Plain – ($1.99)
  • Butter naan$1.99
  • Naan
    Garlic / Methi – $2.50, Chilli Garlic – ($3.00)
  • Kulcha
    Amritsari / Onion – $4.50, Paneer – ($4.50)


  • Gulab jamun with syrup$1 Each
    A classic Indian sweets dish made with fresh khoya
  • Kheer$3.99
    Rice pudding with nuts
  • Gajrela$4.99
    Indian carrot pudding with dry fruits,nuts and mawa
  • Ras Malai2 for $4.00
    Cottage cheese dumpling in sweetened saffron flavoured thickened milk

Cold Drink

  • Mango Lassi $3.99
  • Mango Shake$3.99
  • Salted Lassi$3.99
  • Sweet Lassi$3.99
  • Soft drinks $1.75
  • Milk Badam $4.99 

Hot Drink

  • Indian Masala Tea$2.00
  • Green Tea $1.99
  • Ginger Tea $2.00


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